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From the Other Side of the Fence February 24/12

Another week, and we have more link love.  I am really enjoying sharing my favorites with you each week.  I hope you are enjoying them too.  Let me know what you think.

Homeschool Fences

Virtual Surgery–Pretty cool look at inside the body during surgery.  Also some dissection videos.

Free Internet Educational Resources–This site has an entire page devoted to free resources.  She has them listed by category.

Reading Fluency Resources–TONS of great resources for teaching reading fluency. Lots of links to sites with games and printables.

The Secular Homeschool Community–It is fairly easy to find homeschool groups that are religious based.  But there is an entire community of homeschoolers who prefer to teach their children with secular materials.  Here is a message board place where they can feel at home.

Our Highschool Homeschool Blog–an entire site devoted to homeschooling through high school.  Lots of ideas and free resources.

Kitchen Fences

Chicken Enchilada Soup–Looks like a great recipe.  But she also links to her top 10 soup recipes.  Some really great soup recipes there.

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies–Coconut and Chocolate?  I am so there…she has lots of great looking recipes.  Definitely worth spending some browsing time on this blog.

Top Secret Recipes–I have several of these books.  But there are lots of different recipes here that you can try at home.

Cooking Bread–If you are looking for bread recipes, this site has about anything you are looking for in one handy place.  Pretty cool site.  Makes me hungry looking at it though.

Smoothies-a site that has a gajillion different smoothie recipes.  If you can think it up, it is probably already here.

That’s it for this week.  Check back next week for more From the Other Side of the Fence entries.  You never know what I will link to each week!

From the Other Side of the Fence-February 17/12

Can you believe it is time for some more link love?  I had so much fun linking to other sites last week, that I can’t believe it is already time for another round.  I hope you enjoy the things I have found for you and want to share with you this week.

Homeschool Fences

File Folder Fun–This site is filled with free file folder games from Preschool to 5th grade.  There are games for most any subject.  A really great resource if you enjoy or are interested in file folder games for your homeschool.

Grammar for Homeschool–This site has lots of ideas and suggestions for teaching grammar.  There are some real gems here if you take the time to find them.–This site provides free worksheets.  You will find them for Preschool through about 6th grade.

Simply Charlotte Mason–If you are interested in the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling, then you will love this site.  It is filled with lots of information and ideas.

Digital History–This is a cool history site.  A great resource for those who are looking for history themed sites.

Times Tables Memory Game Pockets–This is a tutorial for a neat way to teach the times tables.

Kitchen Fences

Easy Homemade Granola–I love granola, and this recipe looked to be quite simple to make.

The next several recipes are copycat recipes for Girl Scout Cookies.  Let me know if you make them and what you think!

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies:  Samoas–These are one of our favorite cookies.  These will be great to be able to have once the Girl Scout Cookies are long gone.

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies:  Tagalongs–Peanut Butter and Chocolate..what isn’t to love?

Girl Scout Do-Si-Dos–Oatmeal Peanut Butter cookie goodness.

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies:  Cinna-Spins–This cookie isn’t available in all areas.  But with this recipe, you can make them and enjoy their low-fat goodness.

Homemade Thin Mints-Low Carb and Gluten Free–Love the thin mints around here.  And I thought it was pretty neat to find a recipe that was a Gluten Free one for those of you who need to worry about that in your homes.

Girl Scout Cookies-Lemonades–Lemon flavored cookies?  Oh yeah, baby….

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies-Thin Mints–Honestly, she won me over with her battle cry proclamation of “YOU DON’T OWN ME, GIRL SCOUTS!!!”

That’s it for this week.  Check back next week for more From the Other Side of the Fence entries.  You never know what I will link to each week!


From the Other Side of the Fence-February 10/12

I thought it would be fun for me to give out some link love every week.  So I will be sharing some of my favorite things that I have found throughout the week on Fridays.

Homeschooling Fences

How to Make Muffin Tin Crayons and a Valentine’s Day Printable–I realize this isn’t a super new idea.  However, I loved how she wrote this and separated all the crayons.  It spoke to my OCD little heart.  I also loved the different ways she designed her crayons.  The printable is just an added bonus.  It kind of makes me want to go retrieve the crayons from the church nursery and repurpose them this way for the kids.  I may do this tomorrow.

The Teacher’s Corner–Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities–This one shares a free resource for making your own worksheets.  Love this!  And she shares ideas for how to use them in your homeschool.  Can’t go wrong here!

Notebooking Success ebook Giveaway!–This is a giveaway that caught my eye this week.  If you are into notebooking, you will want to check this out.  It looks like a neat book to have.

Friday Freebies-Geography–This blog post lists some really great, FREE resources for those doing geography with elementary grades.  Gotta love it when you are pointed to those free resources!  And if you aren’t particularly interested in the geography ones, she links to other posts she has done for free resources for other subjects, including art and science.

Kitchen Fences

Quick and Easy Caramel Flan–I love caramel, and I love flan.  Easy just means I will be making it sooner, rather than later.

A Few Valentine’s Day Desserts–Quite a few chocolate themed items here.  Those who know me, know I am also a chocolate fiend.  This is a no-brainer.

Valentine’s Day Family Dinner–I thought this was a fun kid-friendly menu for Valentine’s Day.  Who can resist heart shaped pizza and jello-poke cupcakes?

General Tso’s Chicken–I’m a sucker for good recipes, and you can always find them at this blog.  This might just hit the spot when you want something just a little spicy.

That’s it for this week.  I’ll add in some more categories over the weeks.  You never know what I will find and link to each week.  :)

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