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Our Curriculum Choices for 11th Grade

Yesterday I blogged about my idea of using Pinterest as basically a pictoral transcript.  I managed to basically finish up 10th grade entries and then I moved on to our 11th grade curriculum choices for this next school year.  We are excited about all of the things we have planned for next year.  We are glad to have a short break, but it is always exciting to look at and start brand new curriculum.  It’s just something we really enjoy.

Here is the Pinterest board I created for 11th grade.  Just click on the picture to go to my board on Pinterest.

11th grade

I have all our curriculum choices entered and now I will just add personal pictures as we go along through our year.  I may decide to share some manipulatives that we use for different subjects or lab pictures this year.  I really want to be better about this whole picture thing.

In any case, though you can visit my board on Pinterest to visually see what we are doing next year, here is the written form of our choices:

Math:  Geometry by Thinkwell.  Chandler wanted to take this class for FUN.  He really was ready to just skip it and go straight to Trigonometry, but he had his heart set on Geometry.  One of the ways I got him to do Algebra 2 last year was to promise that we would do Geometry this year.  A promise is a promise.  So Geometry it is.  Should be an easy class for him.  I guess he deserves one of those.

English 3:  We are doing one more year of Grammarlogues.  This is pretty much just a good review of everything we have ever covered.  That way I feel good about turning him loose and he can’t say he was never taught any.

For the Literature portion of English 3, we are going to be doing Literary Lessons From The Lord of The Rings.  We are super excited about this opportunity to study Tolkien so closely.  I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of years, and Chandler finally relented and agreed to give it a try.  He really liked The Hobbit, so I am pretty sure he is going to love this and have a great time with it.  And well, so will I.

Biology:  This year we are going to delve into good old Biology.  After two years of Chemistry and Physics, we are ready to learn about living organisms once again.  We have chosen to use DIVE Biology.  (Digital Interactive Video Education).  We are going to use the free Internet textbook alongside the CD and we plan on doing the labs.  I will most likely purchase a human body model so he can put all the organs where they belong.  And I have my eye on an anatomy coloring book.  Yes…a coloring book.  Don’t laugh.  I read the reviews on this thing and there are college students that use it to learn everything.

World History I:  This is going to be one intense course.  I had originally planned on just picking up where we had left off in World History before.  But Chandler loves the Mystery of History books and begged to do the first 2 books.  I said ok, but we are going to also be using the 3 volumes of The World Before Christ: An LDS Perspective alongside the MOH books.  Adding in some of the activities from the supplemental pack for MOH, and we will be busy, busy, busy.  But he’ll have a good understanding of all of that history.  Since we will be taking it easy in Math this year, I feel we can take up a little slack here.  Before you think we are doing too much, you need to understand that we LOVE history.  And Chandler burns through curriculum quickly.  His Freshman year, he burned through TWO complete curricula for American History, one of which I had originally planned to use his Sophomore year.  He also did an entire quarter of Modern History just for fun and to take up some slack.  We still finished history about 3 weeks early.  I am just hoping I have enough prepared for him this year.  Seriously.

Music Appreciation:  We are going to be using the Discovering Music course by Professor Carol.  This is a really neat course and it will be fun to watch the video lectures and then listen to all of the music selections.  I was once a music major, so I was pretty picky about the course we would use for this.  This one is similar to the one I did in college as a music major.

Public Speaking:  We are going to venture back into the land of Thinkwell for their public speaking course this year.  I wanted Chandler to have this class, and this one looked pretty good.  It will be good for him.

German 2:  We are going to continue using the program from MANGO.  We are able to get this through our public library website for free.  It’s fun and Chandler really loves the program.

PE 3:  I have determined that I need to have Chandler do more PE.  I was using his walking to Seminary and back each day as his PE.  But it’s a small town, and he keeps getting offered rides.  So the 2 miles of walking I was counting on hasn’t been happening quite like I wanted.  I added in some Wii fitness this past year to compensate for it.  This next year, I think I will just face that he will get rides 3/4 of the time and if he walks, it is extra.  So I will be having him do some fitness videos.  I am thinking P90X and maybe T-Tapp.  We’ll throw in some Wii at times for the fun factor.

Seminary:  This is Chandler’s 3rd year of Seminary.  He  has already studied the Old Testament and the New Testament.  This year they will be studying The Book of Mormon.  He loves his teacher and loves getting that spiritual boost each day.

Well, that’s it!  I hope I can manage to keep him busy this year.  I think I may encourage him to do NanoWriMo again this year.  He has enjoyed doing it in the past.  We will see how things are going when November gets closer before we decide for sure.

What are your plans for next year?

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  1. Great line-up for 11th grade. I can’t believe you guys and history curriculum! Love it!

  2. Oh please do a review on DIVE Biology. I would sure like to know how that goes Brenda.

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