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Using Pinterest as a Homeschool Portfolio

Want to know a secret?  I have felt like the world’s worst mom for pretty much forever.  The reason for this is that I am absolutely terrible when it comes to taking pictures and making scrapbooks for my son.  You would think that I would be super diligent about things like a baby book and scrapbook, since he is our only and was a miracle baby to boot.  But no…I literally suck at stuff like this.  But I think I may have stumbled on a way to be the cool mom for once and kind of make it up to him in the neat stuff and mom department.Once in awhile, I actually have a good idea that not only works, but is one I want to share.

Enter Pinterest.  Yes…you read that right.  Pinterest.

I sat here one evening not too long ago and was thinking about how my poor son will never get a yearbook.  I mean, I could make one through several different memory book venues.  But then I would have to be good about taking pictures to make that work.  And even though I was on the photography team and the yearbook staff during my own high school years, I just am not good at remembering to take pictures often.  I do it sometimes.  Honestly, most of the pictures we have around here are because of my hubby.  Seriously.

So as I pondered on the sad state of my son’s future of no memories to be had, I decided to play a bit with my pinterest boards and pin some stuff.  Slowly, as I sat and mindlessly pinned, I had an idea start to form in my brain.  And before you could say Pinterest, I had created three new boards.  One for 9th grade that we had already finished, one for 10th grade that we would soon be completing, and one for 11th grade for the new school year.  I’ll make one for 12th grade once that is a bit closer.  Then I started pinning photos that I stole off my hubby’s facebook, my son’s facebook, and pictures of his curriculum that we used and accomplishments.  I am considering making one more board that will act as a reading list of all he has read for school during these years. Five boards that can be easily shared and that tell a story of his high school years and accomplishments.

My thought is that someday, he can just point anyone he wants to these boards and they can see his portfolio of high school.  He also has a digital yearbook that is modern and easily shared.  And the best part?  I get to feel like a good mom for once.  No more mom shame for me.

Here is a picture of his 9th grade board, so you get the idea.  This one is pretty much done.

Pinterest Portfolio

I am still working on our 10th grade year. I have a few pictures to gather up and our history to pin.  Then I will be done with this one.

10th grade

I am feeling quite optimistic for 11th grade as I have a plan in mind.  And I can get our curriculum choices up soon, so then it is just the pictures I suck at taking that I have to worry about.  I am really thankful I had this idea not long ago.  It’s easy, it is actually quite fast, and I am once again the cool mom.  Whew!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this idea, Brenda! :-) I just might have to “steal” it!

  2. Annmarie says:

    Love this idea!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!! I am so going to steal it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You rock, Brenda! I know I already told you this, but I LOVE this idea! I think I shall copy you and do this for Gracie’s high school years too. I love the idea of a book log board!

    I cannot believe the change in Chandler from 9th to 10th grade! He’s growing into such a handsome and mature young man! You should be so proud!

  5. Now this is an awesome idea! The curriculum that you have been using looks great. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Brenda, I LOVE this idea! My oldest starts high school next school year. I have to pin this so I can remember it! Thanks so much sharing this idea!

  7. Brenda, thank you, such a great idea! :)

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