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Saving Memories Forever-Review

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About the App…

Saving Memories Forever is an app for your iPhone or Android and also a computer program that lets you record stories from your loved ones about the past, present, and future.

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Have you ever wished you could remember your parents’ stories about their childhood? Do you have relatives who you only see once in awhile, but whose stories you’d love to capture and keep? Have you planned to write down your family history, but just haven’t had the time? Saving Memories Forever helps families record, save, and share family memories “one story at a time”.

The system has two parts:  a smartphone app and a website. Subscribers use the smartphone app to record the stories and use the website to manage the stories. The recording is easy, mobile, and fun. Using the app, the recorded stories are easy to upload. Subscribers then manage their stories on the website, adding tag words for easy story searching the extras such as photos, recipes, and other family storytellers.  The website is private and secure.

Saving Memories Forever is available for FREE.  They also offer a subscription rate that includes additional features for $3.99/month (or $40/year). You can see  a breakdown of what is available with each option here.

Brenda Says…

I absolutely love the idea behind this App for the iPhone or Android phone.  When I first received access to it, I had an Android phone.  I’ve since replaced that phone as it was really old and I secretly think it was possessed–by what, I am not sure.  However, my new smart phone is running on a Windows 8 system.  Unfortunately, I am not able to use this app on my new phone, which makes me sad.  I really wish they had this available for my new phone system.  I do have an Android tablet, but the app does not work on that platform.  It really only works on an Android phone.

If I could actually use this app, I would be making use of it at all of our family gatherings.  I would bring up a question and then play pass the phone around so that everyone could take a turn answering it.  How fun would that be at a family reunion?  It would be a great way to record family history and family stories.  And then you would not only be able to preserve those stories, but then you could also preserve the voices of family members for generations to come.  I wish we had been able to do something like this with my grandparents before they passed, and my mother-in-law before she passed on.  I would love to use something like this with my own parents while they can still share stories with all of us.  My Dad hates to type and write.  But he doesn’t mind speaking.  What a great way to get some of his military experiences recorded for posterity.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, I would absolutely recommend this service.  It would be a great way to record those memories to enjoy later.  It’s an inexpensive way to create something invaluable for your family to treasure again and again.

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