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Caroling for Christmas-Day 5

Those who know me best, know that there is no way I would do caroling on my blog without this particular song.  It is my very favorite fun and silly song.  My own mother has this as her ringtone for me all year round.  Yes, it’s “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”.  I LOVE this song.  And I collect hippos.  Each year, my boys try to find me another one to add to my collection each Christmas.  That way I have joy and surprise as I see my Hippo Hero standing there waiting for me.  Apparently my dog likes this song too as she stops everything and listens to it each time we play it by pushing the button on my hippo ornament on the tree.  I knew she and I bonded.

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  1. This is one of my daughters favorite Christmas songs also. One year we got her a giant stuffed hippo !

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