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Menu Plan Monday-Week of August 13th

I’ve been meal planning for a long time.  If you follow my blog at all, then you know that most Mondays I post our dinner plan for the week.  It just makes life easier for me and for my family when I do it.  I didn’t plan last week and we were all over the place.  I was busy using my brain cells for planning our homeschool year, and I was pretty much clueless of what to make for dinner each night because of it.  If I had taken a few minutes to plan, it would have saved us all some headaches.

With that being said, I want to make a few little changes to the way I have been meal planning to see how it works for us.  We have had some changes in our family and quite frankly, the whole meal thing is giving me a headache.  A rather large one.  My husband is no longer traveling for his work, so he is home each night, and now comes home for lunch everyday.  This means I now have to plan lunches a little better than I have had to in the past.  The boy has been thrilled with a sandwich everyday in the past.  Or whatever I come up with on the spot.  Now I am held to a lunch schedule.  And my hubby doesn’t appreciate sandwiches nearly as much as the boy.  Honestly, I think only Jared from Subway likes sandwiches as much as my son.  I am not kidding.

Breakfasts are another item I am having to think through.  In the past, Chandler has been happy with muffins or waffles and the occasional breakfast burrito.  I am fairly eclectic in my breakfast choices when I decide to eat breakfast.  I am not a huge breakfast person.  I am getting better though.  At least I eat something most days.  I used to be a never and not on your life breakfast person.  So anyway, what I am getting at is that I need to have things on hand that the boys can just grab and go.  And I can eat sometimes when I am trying to eat breakfast.

So here is what I propose to try for the next few weeks.  I am going to list the items that I will have on hand for main meals and snacks this week.  I won’t list them for any particular day, allowing some freedom but still providing structure.  You get to witness my experiment in progress. Let me know what you think.


Cold Cereal, Milk


Mom McMuffins





Bagel Sandwiches, Chips

Hamburgers, Tater Tots

Hot Sausage Dip and Chips

Corn Dog Muffins

BLT’s or Ham Sandwiches, Pretzels



Smoked Sausage and Cabbage

Crockpot Orange Chicken, Rice

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn on the Cob

Chicken Parmagiana



Tuna Casserole


Ice Cream





Fruit Leather




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