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From the Other Side of the Fence-February 10/12

I thought it would be fun for me to give out some link love every week.  So I will be sharing some of my favorite things that I have found throughout the week on Fridays.

Homeschooling Fences

How to Make Muffin Tin Crayons and a Valentine’s Day Printable–I realize this isn’t a super new idea.  However, I loved how she wrote this and separated all the crayons.  It spoke to my OCD little heart.  I also loved the different ways she designed her crayons.  The printable is just an added bonus.  It kind of makes me want to go retrieve the crayons from the church nursery and repurpose them this way for the kids.  I may do this tomorrow.

The Teacher’s Corner–Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities–This one shares a free resource for making your own worksheets.  Love this!  And she shares ideas for how to use them in your homeschool.  Can’t go wrong here!

Notebooking Success ebook Giveaway!–This is a giveaway that caught my eye this week.  If you are into notebooking, you will want to check this out.  It looks like a neat book to have.

Friday Freebies-Geography–This blog post lists some really great, FREE resources for those doing geography with elementary grades.  Gotta love it when you are pointed to those free resources!  And if you aren’t particularly interested in the geography ones, she links to other posts she has done for free resources for other subjects, including art and science.

Kitchen Fences

Quick and Easy Caramel Flan–I love caramel, and I love flan.  Easy just means I will be making it sooner, rather than later.

A Few Valentine’s Day Desserts–Quite a few chocolate themed items here.  Those who know me, know I am also a chocolate fiend.  This is a no-brainer.

Valentine’s Day Family Dinner–I thought this was a fun kid-friendly menu for Valentine’s Day.  Who can resist heart shaped pizza and jello-poke cupcakes?

General Tso’s Chicken–I’m a sucker for good recipes, and you can always find them at this blog.  This might just hit the spot when you want something just a little spicy.

That’s it for this week.  I’ll add in some more categories over the weeks.  You never know what I will find and link to each week.  :)

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  1. Thank you for the link love. ;0)
    And for all the great links!

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