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2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 28

Today, I just want to say how grateful I have been for this challenge once again.  I have really enjoyed focusing on my blessings.   I am thankful that each of you have been participating with me as well.  It would be pretty lonely doing this all by myself!

I’ve been pondering how sad I will be to see this end.  It has been really good for me to find something positive to focus on, no matter how small it might be.  So I have decided to expand this challenge, and I hope you will be excited about it and join in with me.  No, we won’t be doing it every day except in the month of November.  But I thought it would be nice to do it once a week the rest of the calendar year.

So starting this week, I will be hosting a gratitude challenge every Thursday.  The 2011 Gratitude Challenge will end as scheduled on November 30th.  On Thursday, December 1st, we will move to the meme name Thankful Thursday.  Next November, we will go back to everyday and the meme will be the 2012 Gratitude Challenge.  But the rest of the year, we will just do Thankful Thursday.

Hopefully this will be a workable meme without loads of pressure on anyone.  It will just be a time we can all reflect on our blessings each week.  That way, we can look for the positive, even if everything around us looks bleak.

I hope you will join in with me.  I’ll have a new button or two ready before Thursday, so we will be good to go. ;)

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I think it will be nice to do Thankful Thursdays. I will plan on joining. :)

  2. I would love to continue this challenge. Looking forward to Thankful Thursdays!

  3. I LOVE this idea! I hope to join in as much as possible…

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