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K is for Kindle…

K is for Kindle…

If you had asked me what the perfect work for K would be to describe our homeschool, a few months ago I would have had an entirely different answer.  But I purchased a couple of Kindles for our homeschool, and there is no going back.  We are seriously in love with these tools and we will be using them quite heavily the next few years.

Before I decided to buy the Kindles, I really didn’t think we needed them.  I mean, what is wrong with a perfectly good, real book?  I love the feel of a book in my hands and the feel of turning the pages as I read it.  I even love the smell of books.  So why on earth would I entertain the idea of  having an e-reader in our home?

As I began to plan our curriculum for this next year, I found myself in need of several Classic books for our literature course.  My first course of action was to check the library, because they would surely have the Classics, right?  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more than about one book that was on my list and it was an alternate.  I was shocked.  I just couldn’t believe that a public library wouldn’t have the Classics on their shelves.

My next course of action was to figure up the cost of putting all of the books I would need for the next few years on my own bookshelves.  The cost was adding up quickly and was turning into a very expensive venture.  I seriously needed to find another alternative.  Enter the Kindle.  Not only could I find every book I was going to need and more, but they were all available for FREE.  The cost of purchasing the Kindle was much less than the cost of purchasing the real live books.  And so into our home the Kindle was born.

I have to say that I have found the device to be extremely friendly.  I have grown to adore mine.  And Chandler really loves his own.  The only holdout is my husband, but I think it will just be a matter of time before he joins us and has his own.  As it is now, Chandler and I are using our Kindles daily.  I still am found with a real live book in my hand often, but I am also found with my Kindle every single day.

I am looking forward to our school year and using our Kindles in our learning plans.

K is for Kindle…

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  1. Thank you for this viewpoint. I have been leery of these types of tools because I love books so much. In fact a recent dinner guest said, “Wow you have a lot of books!” Yes every room has a couple of book shelves and yes there are numerous books in the bathroom.However, I too have found holes in the library shelves where classics ought to be. I had the opportunity to look at a kindle on a trip. I think that I might just have to take a second look (I am running out of room for books) : )

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