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Holiday Bliss 2010-December 30

Ok, I mentioned earlier this week that I would be setting some goals for the new year.  Here are the goals I want to work on achieving this year in the different areas of my life.


We will continue to read our scriptures and have family prayer every day as a family.

We will work on consistently having Family Home Evening every week.  We have been sporadic this past year.  So we need to work on having it every single week.


This year we want to work on completing some remodeling projects.  I am tired of living in an unfinished state.  While the whole house won’t be finished, there are some things we can do to make it better.

We will finish the remodel in the kitchen and the bathroom.  These are almost done, but never finished.  Of course, the bathroom might take a bit more and some tile work.  But it shouldn’t be too horrible.

We are going to price out and possibly remodel the living room/sun room.  These are connected and where we spend a lot of time doing our school work.  It will be really nice to get these done.

We want to finish Chandler’s shower.  Not the whole bathroom–just the shower.  We might need to use that while we are fixing the main bathroom for a day or two.  So it will be a priority.

We want to try to get my Dad to run the electricity to the garage and our upstairs.

Finally, we want to check into the possibility of finishing the sewer.  We’ll price it out and if it is feasible, then we will do it.  If not, we will plan on it next year for sure.


I have several goals in this area.  But my main one is to not work quite as hard and long each day as I have this past year.

This year, I plan to work my 20 hours each week for TOS and then walk away.  I need to spend more time with my family and have time to work on other projects too.  I spent too much time and energy on just TOS this year.  I still want to love my job there and not grow to resent the time I spend on it.  So I need to cut back to the time I am supposed to spend and make those hours super productive.

I will be working on a joint venture with my husband to improve and take our Successful Gardens website in the direction we wanted to this past year.

I will also be working on another joint venture with a close friend.  I will announce that at a later time when we are ready.

I plan on publishing no less than 4 e-books this year.

I plan to post more consistently on each of my blogs.


This year, I will finally be getting into shape and healthy.  That means I need to lose around 50 pounds and get into a size no bigger than a 7/8.  If I achieve the size before the poundage, I will either just be happy or revise my goal a bit.  I have always said I would have a rockin’ bod when I was 41.  Since I will turn 41 this year, I have to get busy to achieve it. And yes, that means I will be blogging about it on a new blog. I think this will help me achieve this particular goal.

So now you know what I will be working on this new year.  What are you planning to achieve this next year?

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  1. Brenda,

    You seem to have quite a list of reasonable goals for the year. I need to think about mine as I find not setting goals has me floundering.

  2. Good Luck with all of your goals. Mine are simple. To keep myself and my family close to God, be a good example to my children, work on my patience, and do my best to make the world a better place because I’m in it.


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