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Holiday Bliss 2010-December 29

Yesterday, I shared the video that Google put together of 2010 memories.  I didn’t really feel connected with it at all.  The memories that Google had were not my own memories of 2010.  So I decided to make my own video of my memories of 2010.

This is a definite first for me.  I have never made a video like this in my life.  Now that I have made one, we are thinking maybe I will have to do one each year as a memory for us.  I learned a lot making it, so I imagine they will only get better each year.  At least I hope so.

So without further adieu, here are MY memories of 2010…

What are you memories of 2010?

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  1. Wow~nice job and GREAT memories! wooohoo! HUGS!

  2. Great video, Brenda! I might have to make one for my blog, too. 2010 was definitely full of adventure for our family. (Mind if I steal the idea??)

  3. Yours is way better! I love video montages. I always have used a site though. (OneTrueMedia) I should be brave and try one on y own. Yours came out beautifully!


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