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2010 Gratitude Challenge-November 30

Wow!  Can you believe that today is the last day for this meme?  Crazy!

Today I just want to say I am thankful for all of you who have participated with me this month.  I am glad I wasn’t doing this all by myself.  This is just one of those things you start and just never really know how it will turn out.  I am glad so many friends have joined in.  It has been a joy to read about all of the things you are thankful for and to express my own gratitude daily.  I really think it has helped me to change my outlook.  Things haven’t seemed so gloomy, despite all the things happening in the world.  As I have pondered all of the things I have been grateful for, I realize I am truly blessed.  I can feel the love that my Heavenly Father has for me and that He truly cares about all of the crazy things in my life.

I still have so many other things that I am grateful for that I never got to mention this month.  I will just have to find a way to incorporate them into the Holiday Bliss meme for December.  It should be fun to try.

Tomorrow starts a whole new meme and I think it will be loads of fun.  I love the holidays and this time of year.  I can’t wait to see all the neat things you each do with your families.  Maybe I will find some new traditions and some great inspiration for our homeschool.  I always want December to be a fun month in our homeschool.  I haven’t been able to make that happen the way I envision.  I hope to pull it off this year.  Perhaps this new meme will  help me keep my focus and inspire me to keep trying.

Thanks again for all of the gratitude posts and encouragement.  It has kept me going in so many ways.  I really appreciate each of you and your willingness to participate and share.

Today, I am thankful for each of you.  Thanks for making me smile.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Thank you for hosting this, Brenda! Looking forward to attempting the Holiday Bliss…I really struggle with SAD this time of year; maybe this will help me focus in a different direction! ;-)

  2. I’m thankful for YOU, Brenda. As a matter of fact, that’s what my post is about today. Looking forward to Holiday Bliss!

  3. Yes, thank you for hosting this – it has been such an amazing blessing!!! Sorry to see it end but thankful for what it has provided. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  4. thanks for hosting. i have never blogged for 30 days straight..and this was really fun. I might do hit and miss in Dec.. gotta make sure i get those reviews done :) so glad i participated.

  5. was just thinking- i will probably link today’s tomorrow too- it is one of our fav Christmas traditions!!! the Jesse TREE!

  6. Great minds must think alike as my post today was about being thankful for the Gratitude Challenge. I’m looking forward to the Holiday Bliss meme in December. Guess I should think about the posts for this week as it starts tomorrow!

  7. Thank You so much Brenda. I could never have imagined myself blogging for 30 days straight – but this was so good, I couldn’t pass it up.

  8. Brenda.
    This WHOLE mo has been such a blessing~getting to read all the posts each day was sooo uplifting and the challenge to post everyday was fun too~I’m looking forward to this Dec meme! HUGS to you, dear Sister! ;-))

  9. Thanks for hosting and letting all of us join in on the fun.

    I had a wonderful time even though I didn’t get linked up each day.

    I don’t know about holiday bliss but it sounds like fun!!

  10. Thank you! This has been a fun challenge this month. Being thankful takes away discontent.

  11. Thank you for hosting the challenge this month. It’s been great!

  12. I missed the last few days because my entire family got sick with the stomach virus, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this meme. Thanks!

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