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2010 Gratitude Challenge-November 28

Today I am grateful that I am a girl. Girls just *get* things that boys don’t. I don’t say that to be mean, as I am sure that there are just as many things that we girls don’t *get* that are boy things. I am just saying that I am grateful that in His ultimate wisdom, that God made me a girl.

I grew up as a tomboy. I loved to get dirty and climb trees and ride skateboards. I liked racing bikes with my friends that were boys. I was known to win more than one arm wrestling match. But I also liked playing barbies with my cousins and playing dress-up and pretending to get married. I loved my dolls as well as my trucks.

Now that I am grown, I still like certain things that many would consider boy activities. I love hunting and fishing and camping. I would rather mow the lawn than do dishes. But I also love to have my hair done. I love having my toenails painted a particular shade. It makes me feel girly. I like being romanced and I love to dance with my husband. I like long bubble baths and manicures. I like to feel pretty.

I like talking with my girlfriends. All of them…whether online or in person or on the phone. I like smelling good. I like to be clean. I like dressing in fun clothes and I even love finding that perfect shoe. I like things that are shiny. I like having a door held open for me and being treated like a lady. I like watching romantic comedies even though I also like to watch shoot-em-up-blow-em-up movies too. I like being called Mom. I like that I can hug someone and no one thinks anything about it. It’s a girl thing.

I like that even though some of my friends that are boys won’t understand all of this, that my girlfriends will. You ladies will totally know and understand what I mean. Being a girl is awesome. I am thankful that I am a girl.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Good morning! I am a new follower found you from Cheryl, @the prairie maid, when I was reading her post this morning. I have been posting daily for the Gratitude Challenge but did not realize it was a link up until I decided to hop over here and visit your site! I will be looking forward to your December challenge and hope to visit you often.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Yes, I totally get you! Blessings to you today, Brenda. Have a great week!

  3. I get it!!

  4. I totally get it! And I’d still rather mow than do about anything inside.;)

  5. Super post! And I totally agree – well, except about the mowing – I’d rather do dishes. LOL

  6. I get it!!! I love being a girl and all the girly things that go with it! I count it a blessing to be able to embrace our “girliness”! That is how God made us.

  7. I’ve always been a spit personality… I could go from playing ice hockey to dressed up with make-up in no time. I love being a girl, too!

  8. I am also thankful to be a girl and I totally get it. When I asked my husband why boys do certain things or come with the ability to do sound affects….he says they learn it in “man-school”. THAT I believe LOL

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